Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Night in Paris

So remember how we mentioned we were going to  try out a new format type deal? Well it's still happening just a little later than we hoped.  The main difference is instead of a massive post about our Second Friday shinanigins we will be splitting it up... so first and foremost a little behind the scenes action!
Now a couple 'sf's ago (that's our easy way of saying Second Friday... obviously haha!) we were walking through Fry's buying some last minute ingredients when we walked right past their little sushi counter. Now being sushi lovers we had to grab some as a little pick-me-up before we started cooking. Since then it has become a lovely tradition that we hold very dear to our heart. 
 Sushi Time! We didn't have time to take a picture before we inhaled it. But it was some nice tuna rolls. Nothing too fancy but so very delicious!  Afterwards we began to cook!

Now everything went amazingly well. We finished right on time. Our guests loved the food and there were little to no meltdowns! Alixx did freak out for a little bit because she thought the guests were arriving early. Don't judge her.
 Another hilarious Alixx moment was when she attempted to pull the Crème Brûlée out of the oven.  The pan was filled quite precariously with water, as per the instructions, but Alixx didn't stand a chance. She spilled the water everywhere. E-v-e-r-ywhere. It was pathetically hilarious and we laughed for a good ten minutes afterwards. She can be seen above wiping the floor with a towel and her oh so fuzzy slippers. 
 One of the really exciting parts was putting together the centerpiece! At first Kelsey tried some double-stick  tape... but that ended up being more frustrating than useful so...
 She came up with the idea to tie the SF to the vase itself! Super cute and that got rid of all necessity for that silly tape.
 Holy Humongous Rose Batman!
 The final table looked like this! So divine.
 Our centerpiece was lovely! Kelsey is a crafty genius!
 Oh and a second centerpiece was made. We love roses. So beautiful.
 We had cute little Valentine's Day aprons too! Though they are covering up our awesome VDay attire. We looked spiffy. So did the boys! But we didn't take a picture. After we finished cooking we forgot to take any pictures! What a shame. Especially with the after dinner entertainment.  We played Sorry, which is quite accurately named.  Tore up rose petals, and preceded to say things like, "Look at what you've done!" in shaky and sad tones then laugh ourselves to tears.  Don't judge us.
But nevertheless everyone had a great time, and luckily clean-up wasn't too bad!
Well make sure to check back in the following days.  We'll be posting the recipes one-by-one!
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! (yesterday).

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  1. I LOVE your centerpiece! It's beautiful!! Kels, can I come visit you this summer & be a guest at your second Friday??