Monday, October 1, 2012

We know what you're thinking...

We know, it's been a while but good things come to those who wait.

You've probably been wondering just where have we been?
And who are we? That's a secret we'll never tell, you know you love us. XOXO Gossip Gi-....

Wait, we took that one too far, you know who we are, and if our own blogs haven't explained our absence let us now do that.

Plain and simple?
Life is full of stuff.

Man oh man has this year just gotten hectic!
Kelsey is busy with starting school at ASU! Plus if that wasn't enough she is still basically working full time.  She is kicking butt at college and most of her time is dispersed between working, school or studying. 

Alixx has been busy applying to med school and holding down a full time job.  Every second of her day seems to be already allocated to writing essays, researching colleges, and getting use to a buisiness casual wardrobe.

So please, be gentle with us. We'll finish posting our panini recipes. We'll update the fact that we celebrated Second Friday's first birthday. And we'll start posting some more delicious recipes. 

Just please, be patient with us.

You know you love us, 

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