Sunday, March 11, 2012

Irish Adventure

Well our Irish Adventure was a ton of fun on Friday. We made a bunch of the menu items from scratch with no actual recipes! It was exhilarating, and exhausting but so so worth it!
 To get started Kelsey picked Alixx up do get some shopping done. Aw happy happy Manuel! (Kelsey's car)
 Made a quick pit stop at Kelsey's place to grab some eggs and a Tupperware for future leftovers. Definitely a great idea.
 Next we stopped at Fry's to pick up some ingredients, but first things first. Sushi! Alixx tried to get a picture of the sushi lady, she is our HERO. We were wondering if we could hire her for a day. It would really complete our lives.
 Anyways, checked out the sushi and grabbed a Crunchy California Roll.
 Next, picked up some Vanilla Bean ice cream!

 We wasted no time opening up the sushi and chowing down the second we walked into Alixx's house.
 About 5 seconds later... just kidding it was more like 2 minutes. We were trying to pace ourselves.
Awww! Cute little Irish centerpiece (brought to you by Alixx's mom). Hahah oh a bear leprechaun. 
 Anyways the meal (recipes soon to follow) was delicious and we cleaned our plates! So so good.

But the night didn't end there. Remember our Canadian for a Night? Well we have fabulous fur coats and knew we had to have a very Posh British Invasion! We looked awesome!
 Sophie! She was taking photos of herself while Emily drove. Emily laughed most of the time.
 Once we parked, we had Remy (Alixx's car) take a photo of us. Just two Brits looking reem.
 Waiting for the light rail! People were already commenting on our fur coats. We tried to act as British as possible.
 Finally at the club!
 The beautiful Mill skyline, we were hoping it would rain so we would feel more at home. We're so use to that in our hometown.
Now you may be wondering, wait whatever happened to the third member of our Canadian troop?
 Alfie! Of course he was there. Sophie and Emily can't have a British outing without Alfie!
Everyone was jel of his hair, it was so reem. 
Unfortunately British Invasion wasn't a total success. The accents were hard to stick with, our back stories were never actually made, a bad case of wobbly ankles, accidental bleeding foreheads, and such made it not as epic as Canadian Night. But it was still awesome! We'll for sure have to have a second British Invasion that will be much more successful!
But around 2:30am we realized that there are a lot of weird people out and about at that time. This was our reaction. So regardless, March Second Friday was awesome in every way!

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