Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Second Friday

Well, March sure did creep up on us! But in some regards that's awesome, because that means another Second Friday!  

Now with St. Patrick's day coming up this month, we thought we'd take the traditional St. Patty's day menu and make it our own! Excited? We are!

This is what were making (this isn't our usual posting routine, but we're short on time and want to tell you what we're doing)... 

First, we'll be making corned beef.  But not your regular, plain corned beef.  We'll be adapting a few recipes and making it our own! Yep, our first attempt at our own recipe. 

Instead of adding the cabbage to our corned beef, we'll be doing something different - coleslaw! Once again, making it our own way. 

Remember when Alixx posted about hassleback potatoes? It's like she knew we would want to twist the traditional St. Patty's day menu.  We'll be making some of those! So excited. Making our own versions will include butter, garlic, bacon (duh), and a garnish of parsley in order to make it green and festive! 

Dessert... Oh man. We'll be making a Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake. Obviously we're not professional bakers, so there wasn't a good chance that something like a cake would turn out if we tried to do it ourselves. We could have gone the easy route, but why on earth would we do such a thing? 

So Second Friday is just days away. Woo! 

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