Monday, April 16, 2012

April - A party for two

We hope you enjoyed our little interview of each other, we of course had a blast. Just wanted to share a couple more photos from the night, especially the sushi photos.
Now Kelsey had the fantastic idea to go to Costco and pick up sushi, and it was a STEAL!  
 Look at that. Three different kinds of sushi, plus some big 'ol shrimp spring rolls...

 Plus Alixx had some frozen potstickers that were cooked up to really top off the sushi platter.

Our tradition never looked so good.

Now the whole idea for this month's SF was a just relaxing kick-back for us.  We both needed a little break from the hectic in our lives, and we thought what better way then a blast from the past?

So last summer, way before SF was officially our thing, we got together and made bacon wrapped pizza rolls and oreo balls. They were delicious and super easy to make. 
We threw a party for two and due to the utter genius that was the bacon wrapped pizza rolls we created a Facebook event and invited everyone we knew.  This was over a year ago...

And this was taken this past Friday. Gone are the crazed looks, but that didn't stop us from creating another Facebook event and invite people to join us. To those who said they would come. We absolutely love each and everyone of you. 

We promise to throw an actual party soon, and we'll make our famous, bacon wrapped pizza rolls for all of you. 

Check back soon for recipes! 

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