Friday, April 13, 2012

Interview About Us: By Us.

Oh hey there. Well here we are... it's Second Friday. How are you feeling? We want to make this seem like a seductive intro. Are you pleased? Please read this in your deepest, sultry-esque voice. 

Anyway! So far we've feasted on sushi, spring rolls, and potstickers. 
We just made the bacon wrapped pizza rolls, and finished making the Oreo balls. Amen. 

Until our feature presentation... and 7 layer bean dip... we will entertain you with a candid interview of your Second Friday ladies. (awww yeah....)

K: hey Alixx
A: oh uh hey there, Chels... Kelsey. 
K: Oh you'd like to call me that, huh?! Remember when we played tennis? That was fun. 
A: I'm pretty sure everyone on the team hated us... we were always doing the pigeon and wookie call every two seconds. 
K: Classic us, ehh? You don't like how I'm touching your mouse pad. Maybe I should leave. 
A: D: Please don't leave! Or leave... more bacon wrapped pizza rolls for me! (Everyone should make them right now btw)
K: Never!! Where ever you go, I will most likely be there... Especially if you have bacon wrapped pizza rolls. 
A: I just want to point out to everyone reading this that we aren't saying a word to each other. Just writing back and forth and laughing. 
K: There is no way any one listening (your sleeping sister? I don't know who else...) can think we're normal. 
A: And once we publish this, everyone will know too.  You know we're big in Russia. 
K: And Indiana! So... what do you love about Second Friday? You thought I was going to type "what do you love about me?" What is it Alixx?! 
A: Hmmm, probably the... well that's hard to pin point. I love the whole idea of it. It started off as a joke and now is the best thing EVER.  What about you?
K: I love the tradition and the fact that we both love it so much. And it forces you to hang out with me at least once a month. 
A: Right back at you. Though I could always bribe you with bacon wrapped pizza rolls.
K: Oh you know the way to my bacon-loving heart, don't you? 
A: You are like a piece of glass, I see RIGHT through you! I feel I should type extra hard with all caps.., since again, we aren't actually talking. 
A: Alright back to the hard-hitting questions. 
K: I feel like a journalist. 
A: We could easily be journalists. What upcoming theme are you most excited about?
K: Well, I would love to do our summer/baseball theme. I think that would be SO fun! but of course we would need people to show up... And we would not need to ruin the food with salt. 
A: Oh salt, the bane of my existence.  You read my mind though, the baseball one is gonna be awesome. (You reading this should come. You've officially been invited.)
K: Yes, please come! Don't' make us beg like last time. We're sensitive souls. 
K: I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DON'T!!! Maybe it's because we shout at people. 
A: Very true, never a good break-the-ice moment,,,, "HEY! BE MY FRIEND!!!!"
K: I remember the first time you shouted that at me... Aww memories. You had me at "HEY!" Alixx. 
A: I'm a very persuasive shouter. But seriously first time I met you I thought.... "Wow, her legs are tan."
K: Oh I am flattered. I don't remember the very first time I met you... but it most likely just falls under the same feeling I had the first 2 1/2 years of high school... "That girl is WAY to cool to be my friend. She hates me."
A: First off, I was sitting across from you at band camp so it's not like I go around staring at people's legs. Second ya I thought the same, the whole " Oh well, too bad she's too cool to be my friend. DANGIT."
K: We were so naive. So young... 
A: Forever young, I want to be.... forever young. Sigh.
K: Oh the good 'ol days. BUT! wouldn't trade where we are and how funny we are for anything. 
A: Oh totally agree. Second Friday might never have come around plus, gave us time to get in touch with our awkward roots. 
K: Awkward is something I hold dear to my heart. Life is more fun this way. 
A: It makes a simple outing such an epic adventure. WAS THAT A YAWN?!
K: Wow, yeah sorry. I need caffeine! Seriously. I was also not paying attention to what you were writing. My b. 
A: Ouch. Want a soda? I've got some knock-off brands but they'll do the trick. Lemon Lime, Cherry Coke... 
K: Is it knock-off Cherry Coke? Because if it's knock-off, it's not Coke. It's Cola. Get it straight. 
A: Well isn't someone getting technical. Get off my back. 
K: I'm not even touching you. 
A: Touche. 
K: I think this is a good place to wrap for now. Kelsey tired. 
A: Over and out. 

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